About Hipereon Inc.

Our promise is to provide you with an unsurpassed learning experience or a rigorous consulting engagement, worthy of your time, investment and trust.

Over the last couple of decades the business world and financial services industry have gone through significant changes, which has led to a reduction of in-house training curriculums and a shortage of qualified Lenders. As a consequence the financial skill sets of lenders, corporate staff and independent business owners has diminished. Hipereon was formed to reverse that trend. Hipereon was formed to improve the analytical skills of commercial lenders, educate corporate staff in business finance and provide independent business owners with the skills required to be more financially successful.

Today’s increased pressure on proper business lending practices also launched Hipereon’s consulting services. Based in Redmond, Washington, Hipereon professionals have traveled throughout the U.S. and around the world training financial services professionals. They have been successfully serving the market with their unique, hands-on approach to training and their let’s get strategic approach to consulting for over 30 years. Hipereon’s professional staff now stands ready to assist you in your training and consulting needs.