Financial Training For Corporations And Their Dealer / Distributor Networks

Hipereon provides financial management skills training and consulting services to corporations and their dealer/distributor networks.

We teach essential small business financial management skills to corporate managers to help them improve their working relationship with their dealers/distributors. We also train individual dealers/distributors in sound financial management principles that enable them to be more financially successful.

How You Benefit

Increased competition, shrinking margins and consolidations are a reality in today’s economy. These forces have created a need for corporations and businesses to become more knowledgeable in sound financial management practices. Today, a business manager’s technical skills need to be supported with a healthy understanding of financial analysis tools and techniques. To address this need Hipereon has designed practical financial management skills training, and ready to use implementation tools for the non-financial manager.

Hipereon will give your dealers/distributors a fundamental understanding of their business model, and educate them on how their business makes money and becomes profitable. Hipereon teaches your dealer/distributors essential financial principles that will allow them to manage and make decisions based upon the financial goals and objectives of your company.

Training Services

Hipereon offers financial management skills training for internal staff, as well as for your distributor or dealer network. For a complete immersion in practical every day business skills Hipereon has created a Business Management School. We also offer a wide array of financial management training courses including:

  • Unlocking Your Business’ True Profit Potential
  • Mastering Basic Accounting Principles
  • Small Businesses Succession Strategies
  • Growth, The Silent Killer
  • How to Value a Small Business

To enhance and support the learning experience we provide several financial analysis and implementation tools. These tools can be customized and private labeled with your company’s logo and branding.

Lastly, because of our engaging style and our unique ability to educate audiences on difficult subject matters, we are frequently asked to create and facilitate presentations at corporate regional and annual conferences and conventions.

Consulting Services

Hipereon provides consulting services to help establish and improve all aspects of your business. For more details, please contact us.

Please contact us, and our training professionals will assist you in finding the training or consulting solution best suited for your business.