Financial Training For Trade Associations

Hipereon provides financial training and consulting services to Trade Associations and their constituent membership.

We teach Trade Association members how to enhance the financial performance of their business.

How You Benefit

Hipereon often develops peer group benchmark performance data from the trade association constituents that can be integrated into the training curriculum. Participants learn how to compare their business entity’s performance against their peers in a best practices discussion setting. They learn how to emulate the operating performance of the most successful entities in their peer group.

Training Services

Hipereon offers financial management skills training for Associations and their constituent members. We can design individual training programs or full curriculums, depending on your needs. We design and conduct industry specific Business Management Schools targeted at the needs of your industry. We also offer a wide array of financial management training courses including:

  • Mastering Basic Accounting Principles
  • Unlocking Your Business’ True Profit Potential
  • Small Business Succession Strategies
  • How to Value A Small Business
  • Growth, The Silent Killer

As an extension of the financial management training, we will also create Association performance benchmark studies.

To enhance and support our training services we provide several financial analysis and implementation tools. These tools can be customized and private labeled with your Association’s logo and branding.

Lastly, we also create and facilitate special presentations on a wide array of financial management topics for Trade Association conferences and conventions. We are often sought after for this purpose because of our engaging style and the ability to educate the audience on difficult subject matter.

Consulting Services

Hipereon provides consulting services to help establish and improve all aspects of your business. For more details, please contact us.

Please contact us, and our training professionals will assist you in finding the training or consulting solution best suited for your business.