Business Banking Program Assessment

Hipereon provides an overall assessment of your credit union’s or community bank’s business banking program.

We are small business banking experts who help financial institutions evaluate their overall performance in business banking. We help you determine the effectiveness of your institution being able to attract, capture and maintain sound business banking relationships.

We help institutions identify and implement credit and non-credit strategies to maximize the business relationship profitability. Hipereon professionals stand ready to help you with the development and implementation of sound business banking practices.

How You Benefit

Hipereon assists financial institutions with the organizational design, set-up and implementation of their business banking department. The efficiency by which your institution deploys your business banking strategies will have a significant impact on your profitability. Hipereon helps your institution align its business banking strategies with the institution’s goals and objectives to achieve increased financial performance.

Program Assessment

Hipereon professionals help you evaluate the four (4) major components of a safe and sound business banking practice:

  1. Design and Origination
    Hipereon helps you evaluate your business banking department’s organizational design, and your staff’s ability to generate new business consistent with the lender’s underwriting focus. We will help you evaluate whether you are hunting for who you want or are you reacting to who you get. We focus on the generation of credit and non-credit products and services.
  1. Underwriting
    Hipereon provides you with a State and Federal regulatory compliance review by assessing existing business banking policies, procedures and underwriting guidelines. We also assess your staff’s compliance with and their ability to follow established practices and procedures.
  1. Loan Review and Approval
    Hipereon examines your loan review and approval process to determine whether your guidelines provide adequate guidance for underwriting staff and approval authorities. Are your processes and procedures for analyzing financial statements, appraisals, and third party reports sufficient? We will help you evaluate your team and their ability to maintain credit quality.
  1. Credit Administration
    Hipereon helps you evaluate whether or not your underwriting guidelines provide adequate guidance for credit admin staff and approving parties. Do your guidelines provide staff with enough direction to evaluate risk, properly structure debt and adequately monitor risk migration? Risk starts the day you book the loan, is there enough internal direction to ensure your institution is properly managing the risk?

Training Services

Hipereon provides training services to help educate your staff in all aspects of business banking. For more details contact us.

Please contact, us and our business banking professionals will assist you in finding the training or consulting solution best suited for your institution.