Financial Training For Credit Unions

Hipereon provides a wide range of financial management training for the staff members of credit unions.

We specialize in the development and facilitation of training programs focused at improving the credit union’s ability to service the needs of their small to mid-sized member businesses. Hipereon also offers training focused at providing existing staff with a better understanding of the financial principles associated with their credit union’s business model.

Hipereon offers an integrated curriculum of financial management programs that train lenders and relationship managers in the fundamentals of small business lending. Our critically acclaimed School of Business Lending trains participants in subject matters ranging from analyzing financial statement, to assessing cash flow to preparing credit memorandums.

How You Benefit

Staff members in most credit unions have little, if any formal training in analyzing the financial infrastructure of their business members. They also lack the ability to identify the financial services needs of their business members. Without adequate training, they struggle with the communication requirements associated with both internal staff members as well as with their business clients/prospects. As a result, they often develop very commodity-based relationships that are very vulnerable to high customer turnover levels.

Hipereon can teach your employees financial management principles that will empower them to perform their everyday job at the highest level possible. Hipereon can also give your staff members a fundamental understanding of how your credit union works, and the confidence to better promote the services you offer. This results in the development of long-lasting profitable relationships.

Training Services

Hipereon provides business-banking skills training for the credit union industry. Hipereon provides 1 and 2 day training sessions on specific subject matters or offers a fully integrated school curriculum ranging from analyzing financial statements to preparing credit memorandums. We also offer programs for business members. Our training curriculum includes:

Business Lender Curriculum

  • Mastering Accounting Principles
  • Analyzing Financial Statements
  • Analyzing Tax Returs
  • Developing Financial Projections
  • Assessing Risk & Credit Memorandums
  • Capturing Small Business Opportunities
  • CRE & Construction Lending

Member Business Curriculum

  • Unlocking Your Business True Profit Potential
  • How to Value A Small Business
  • Exit Strategies For Small Business Owners
  • Growth, The Silent Killer
  • Mastering Basic Accounting Principles
  • Member Business Succession Boot Camps

Hipereon has a number of curriculum-based business lending schools for credit unions that train lenders the fundamentals of small business lending. Our critically-acclaimed School of Business Lending trains lenders in subject matters ranging from basic accounting to financial statement analysis to preparing credit memorandums. Hipereon also offers business credit underwriting services.

Hipereon provides an array of financial management programs and tools that can be private labeled by credit unions and used to enhance their marketing efforts to business clients and prospects. These training programs and tools help the sponsoring institution improve its working relationship with existing business clients. They also prove to be powerful business development tools for new business client prospects.

Consulting Services

Hipereon provides consulting services to help establish and improve all aspects of business banking. For more details, please contact us.

Please contact us, and our training professionals will assist you in finding the training or consulting solution best suited for your business.