Business Banking Loan Review

Hipereon provides 3rd party loan review services for credit unions and community banks.

Hipereon has a staff of business lending experts. With over 60 years of business banking experience Hipereon professionals help you evaluate the overall quality of your credit portfolio. Hipereon helps you evaluate your staff’s ability to talk the talk and walk the walk.

Consistent credit quality is achieved by consistent application of a set of policies and procedures. Hipereon helps you assess your teams understanding of your policies and procedures and their ability to implement them in their daily responsibilities.

How You Benefit

Hipereon provides an objective 3rd party assessment of your institution’s loan portfolio. Hipereon helps you validate implementation of your business lending policies and procedures. We assess how well your staff is maintaining credit quality and assessing their ability to evaluate and manage individual risks.

3rd Party Review

The primary goal of our 3rd party business banking loan review is to provide an independent review of the Business Loan Portfolio for: compliance with business loan policy, underwriting standards and risk rating procedures. A typical review would include:

  • A review of the credit quality of the commercial loan portfolio. All loans examined will be evaluated with respect to credit quality and loan file documentation.
  • A review of the business lending policies and procedures for compliance with regulatory statues.
  • A review of the commercial loan origination, underwriting, and credit administration practices.
  • A review of all loans on the Watch list.
  • A review of the Risk Rating System and provide 3rd party validation of assigned risk rating grades for existing loans and the linkage to the methodology used to calculate and quantify the commercial Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses (ALLL).
  • A review of the commercial loan annual review process.
  • An overall commercial banking program structural assessment including recommendations for organizational and process management improvements.

Training Services

Hipereon provides training services to help educate your staff in all aspects of business banking. For more details contact us.

Please contact, us and our business banking professionals will assist you in finding the training or consulting solution best suited for your institution.