Our Training Philosophy

Our courses are centered on practicing what you learn.

Hipereon’s training philosophy is based on linking training to implementation. Our courses are centered on practicing what you learn, because without practice, your education will not generate results. Therefore, we firmly believe by implementing the skills you have learned it is the only way to measure your success. At Hipereon, we strive to make this process easy, efficient and understandable to everyone by using an integrated approach which uses training and implementation in tandem.

  • Visualize

    See the skills demonstrated.

  • Internalize

    Verbalize the skills demonstrated.

  • Implement

    Practice using the skills learned.


Hipereon training facilitators have a very unique background. They hold advanced college degrees. In addition, they have been formally trained in large bank, insurance company, and CPA firm environments. Beyond their many years of formal training, each facilitator has several years of experience working in a variety of capacities for financial services firms including banks, CPA firms, insurance firms, credit unions and major financial services trade associations.


Hipereon training programs are renowned for their practical design. Complex financial analysis terminology is converted into a common sense language that is easy to understand and communicate. As a result, training program participants are empowered with the ability to verbally describe and explain their financial analysis results without the need to incorporate complex, time consuming, and often confusing technical terms.


Hipereon training programs engage the participants in a cause and effect dialog that clearly enables them to measure the operating performance impacts associated with various financial management styles and approaches. The ultimate benefit that comes from the use of this pragmatic diagnostic assessment process is a measurable improvement in the productivity of financial analysts, credit underwriters and business management teams.


Participants in Hipereon-facilitated training programs experience the opportunity to be engaged in a unique interactive learning environment. All training programs are designed using case study applications and significant emphasis is spent on enabling the participants to utilize and communicate the information they learned to improve their financial management skills and job performance.


Hipereon training programs are linked to a variety of implementation products and services. These tools are made available to participants to enable them to more efficiently utilize the analytical processes learned during the training sessions in diagnostic assessments of their own business interests or their clients’ business interests.

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