Hipereon Training Curriculum

At Hipereon we offer a wide range of courses in order to give you a well-rounded and successful education.

The courses below represent our main focus areas; however, we also customize any curriculum to fit your specific needs. Each of these courses can be taught separately or in collaboration with a series of courses and materials.

Commercial And AG Lender Training

Mastering Accounting Principles

Provides a basic understanding of fundamental accounting principles related to financial statements.

Mastering Financial Statements & Tax Return Analysis

Examines tax returns for different business entities and determine their respective cash flows.

Business/Personal Financial Statement Analysis

Examines techniques of how to evaluate and effectively communicate financial performance and dissect financial statements to derive cash flow.

Developing Financial Projections

Examines how to critique, develop and analyze financial projections for credibility and likelihood of occurrence.

The Business of Banking

Examines the bank business model and the acts, regulations and compliance issues associated with business banking.

Making Effective Business Development Calls

Examines profiling techniques and how to make effective business development calls.

Assessing Risk & Preparing Credit Memorandums

Examines techniques for preparing concise pointed credit memorandums.

Fundamentals of Business Valuation

Examines the basics of business valuation and the different methods used to establish business value.

Business Succession, A Banker’s Perspective

Examines the issues surrounding business succession and the opportunities they present for bankers.

Real Estate Essentials

Examines the risks and fundamental issues involved in real estate lending.

Advanced Financial Analysis

Examines proven analytical tools to assess financial performance and determine cash flow availability.

Real Estate Lending & Appraisal Analysis

Examines how to derive cash flow from different types of commercial properties and how to read and evaluate apprasials.

Export/Import Financings

Examines general considerations and risks associated with export/import financing.

Problem Loan Analysis and Workout Strategies

Examines techniques and strategies for dealing with problem loans.

Agriculturial Lending Analysis

Examines analytical tools used to assess financial performance and cash flow of agriculturial enterprises.

Bank Staff Member Training

So, You Work For A Bank Now

Designed to educate bank employees on the bank business model or how the bank makes money.

Capturing The Small Business Opportunity

Examines fundamental small business issues and creates the skills to analyze what a business owner wants/needs in order to develop an expanded banking relationship.

Business Owner Training

Unlocking Your Business’ True Profit Potential

Educates business owners in sound financial management principles. Hipereon’s 1 and 2-day courses are often used as an effective marketing and business development tool for your organization.

Business Succession Boot Camp

Educates business owners and their designated successors in the hard and soft sciences associated with succession. This 4-week camp provides an opportunity for a business to conduct a self-diagnostic exam.

Financial Institution Regulatory Training

Business Credit Analysis, A Regulator’s Perspective

Educates regulators on the commercial credit underwriting process. This curriculum can be customized to address the needs of the regulatory agency.


Convention/Trade Show Presentation

Educates business owners in business financially related topis ranging from financial statement analysis to profit planning to growth management. Workshops can be in 1 to 2-hour formats or half-day to full day presentations.

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