Strategic Planning

Strategic business banking strengthens your unique business model and helps shield the organization from the need to frequently adjust, reposition and react – all costly actions.

Hipereon’s strategic planning process leverages the dynamic components of your business model, filters out noise and distractions in the marketplace, and makes critical decisions about principles that will deliver sustained growth. Focusing, not only at the company level, Hipereon’s proven process is also successfully applied at the business-unit level.

Having a company-wide strategy is vital. Creating integrated line-of-business strategies – beyond tactical plans – is the biggest differentiator for long-term economic strength. Our exercises focus on aligning strategies, evaluating market opportunities, determining services offered, evaluating institutional needs, and assessing performance.

How You Benefit

Operating efficiency is one of the keys to being financially successful in business banking. Efficiency is achieved thru strategic alignment and targeted implementation. Hipereon helps your institution align its business banking strategies with the institution’s goals and objectives. We help you serve who you want, market what is needed and achieve sustainable results. Hipereon’s business banking professionals assist you in designing and implementing a business banking culture for today’s market. We assist you in converting your business banking strategies, policies and procedures into business banking services.

Strategic Services

Hipereon offers strategic services to assist you with:

  • Aligning business banking services with overall strategy of the institution
  • Evaluating market opportunities
  • Determining product/service offerings
  • Identifying system and staff capabilities
  • Evaluating current portfolio
  • Assessing business banking program
  • Identifying and quantifying institutional risk tolerance
  • And more

Training Services

Hipereon provides training services to help educate your staff in all aspects of business banking. For more details contact us.

Please contact us, and our business banking professionals will assist you in finding the training or consulting solution best suited for your institution.