Financial Consulting Services

Hipereon offers consulting services on business banking practices to credit unions, community banks, and other financial institutions across the country. To learn more about the consulting we offer and how it can benefit your institution, please click on the links below.

Hipereon’s financial experts provide strategic focus to create goal congruence, and implement business banking policies and procedures to achieve results. Our seasoned business experts provide insight from an institution’s and business owner’s perspective. We review strategic and tactical strategies to serve the small business market.

Hipereon’s engaging hands-on style creates demanding exercises to encourage strategic thinking. Successful business banking practices result from knowing; what you want to do, who you want to serve, and how are you going to accomplish your predetermined goals and objectives.

Strategic Planning

Hipereon offers strategic engagements to align business banking strategies with the overall strategy of the financial institution. Hipereon’s experts help each institution develop and implement business banking strategies, policies and procedures specific to their market that achieve established goals.

MBS/MBL Program Assessment

Hipereon’s program assessment helps financial institutions determine the effectiveness of methodologies used to identify, evaluate and manage their current business banking portfolio. The program identifies specific methodologies to enhance loan quality and improve portfolio management.

Business Banking Loan Review

Hipereon provides 3rd-party loan reviews. Our seasoned credit professionals assess the institution’s decision making capabilities. They assess whether granted loans are consistent with the institution’s policies and procedures, risk tolerance, and overall quality standards.

Round Table Best Practices

Hipereon facilitates business banking best practices round tables. In open group discussions; institutions examine, review and evaluate proven business banking practices to determine which best suits the needs of their institution.

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