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Small Business Banking Considerations

By James R. Devine Financial Institutions across the country are re-energizing their business banking efforts as a renewed interest in credit is on the horizon. There is a lot of enthusiasm for building credit relationships as the pressure to deploy underperforming deposits continues to grow. Today’s informed banker knows the average business deposit balance ($20K) is […]

Do Your People Need To Be Trained?

By Robert J. Hogan In the world of business banking the two primary objections to training have remained constant over the years; it takes too long and it costs too much. Then there is the fear, that as soon as I get them trained they find a better job. From this professional’s viewpoint in today’s small […]

The Cs of Credit

By Robert J. Hogan The accounting profession has Nine Governing Principles, the legal world has Two Ruling Laws, and commercial banking has 5 Cs of Credit. All these dictate a culture, a train of thought or a logical view of their respective professions. In banking whether you’re a trainee, a junior lender or a seasoned professional; […]